Slutty but stylish 2 – leather Skirt

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Anna here, reminding you all that we expect our girls to be super chic. Click on the image and click again on the new screen.

Au revoir xx

(p.s. tell me which is your favourite outfit)


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4 thoughts on “Slutty but stylish 2 – leather Skirt”

  1. Hello Mistress,

    I just wanted to let you know that I am really enjoying this site and appreciate your contributions to this lifestyle.

    A future sissy of yours!

    1. There are no future sissies. The moment you come into contact with my words – written or spoken – you belong to me. Your punishment for not knowing this is you must forego your monthly milking. Please confirm in a months time that the punishment has been followed.

  2. My fav is the outfit on the right side, second from the bottom.

    My fav color is black, and it has a top that shows her cleavage, and a black leather miniskirt, that is partially unzipped, like a slut.

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