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Sissy Maid’s day off – Slutty but Stylish 1 – latex PVC leggings

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Nothing offends Mistress Elle more than a badly dressed sissy – at work or during her free time. Therefore, she asked me to start some kind of fashion series – “Slutty but stylish.” Below you will find various approved outfits for sissy maids on their day off – all of which are based around PVC leggings.

Leggings prove why it is necessary that sissies undergo a program of enforced penile atrophy. How do you think you can wear skintight leggings with your little peewee bulging through? It maybe pathetically small but it still creates a mini bulge. Well, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it (Read Sissy Goo Girls, though, if you want to hear about Mistress Elle’s radical pharmaceutical technique for shrivelling up your todger into a perfect sissy clit.)


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Extra training ... No Fiddling!

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