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Pathetic sissy dribbles as soon as he enters my dungeon!

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The first time I found out what premature ejaculation was, I was 13 years old. American Pie!

This week something hilarious happened in my Berlin dungeon. A new sissy arrived and was delivered in chains (naked) by one of my bulls. He was ordered to kneel before the throne of his mistress – i.e. me!

Standing behind my throne was Flavia, the beautiful Brazilian transgirl who often works with me. Naturally, we were both in our catsuits and thigh highs. So…this pathetic sissy (who is a senior executive in a world famous beverage company) is ordered to do what all new sissies do…to lick my boots…and to make sure he complied, Flavia went round to the front of my throne.

She delivered the mantra :”lick, grovel, slurp” and the middle aged, pot bellied little sissy looked up at her and then at me and started to spasm. The pathetic little pig had already cum before we could even uniform him and put him in chastity. What a loser!


We laughed and shrieked and ridiculed his tiny little cock and his premature ejaculation and kicked him and poked him and then made him lick it up.

Well, as my business moves forward, we are continually learning new things and adding new elements to the experience. Now we have to ask all new clients if they are prone to premature ejaculation!

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Extra training ... No Fiddling!

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